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Shimantan National Forest Park

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Shimantan national park was built on the base of the General Scheme of Shimantan Forest and Botanatic Garden in 1987. And it is one of the forty-five national forest parks ratified by the State Forestry Administration of China. The park consists of the state forests in Shimantan, Iron Mt. and seven counties and three districts.  It provides four traveling lines and seventy-six attractions in ten scenic areas. The Dragon Spring Lake serves as the axis with the Nine-headed Cliff and the Heaven Pool on the flanks and the four traveling lines surrounding as spokes. It becomes a sightseeing place and traveling resort including green mountains and clean water and grotesque caves and beautiful stones. . Nine-headed Cliff Scenic Spot

Nine-headed cliff scenic spot is one of the most important spots in the park, which was established in January, 1993. Its title, Nine-headed Cliff Scenic Spot of Shimantan National Forest Park, is inscribed by the former minister of the Defense Ministry, General Zhang Aiping. Nine-headed Cliff Scenic Spot with its fine geographic location, covering an area of more than fifty square kilometers, extends to the Shimantan Dam in the north, in the east separated from the Zhaya Mt.scenic

spot by a hill.

Nine-headed cliff scenic spot is picturesque with lofty and steep mountains, abundant woods, clean rivers and numerous caves. Every cave was a residence of a Shenxian who might have lived in the mountains. The overall natural scenery is picturesque. Nine-headed cliff is the main scenic spot, and the nine heads of the cliff stand side by side which are extremely magnificent. The seventeen waterfalls and Dishui Cliff Waterfall look either tender or thunderous. Butterfly spring and Bibo Lake are standing gracefully. The fairytales of Yaba Cave,Shenxian Cave,Duiyan Cave, and Songzi Cave are attracting and fascinating. The Double Dragon Cave, Green Dragon Cave and King Dragon Cave still slightly preserve their historical relics. The sculptures of a Making--up girl, a Monk on a Camel and Bao’er Pan Fu and Yuanyang Turtle are vividly and perfectly engraved.

Heaven Pool Mountain Scenic Spot

Heaven Pool Mountain Scenic Spot is situated in the south mountain area                                                            of Wugang City. The scenic spot, with the grotesque and magnificent scenery, is divided into two parts. One is Heaven Pool scenic spot, which mainly lies in the Changlingtao Village; the other is Guanping Yard scenic spot which covers Zangping Village. The Heaven Pool in summer is as cool as in autumn; in Tianjin (a yard is surrounded by high buildings) the sky looks as narrow as a crack;the feeling of walking on the overbridge is the same as that in a fairyland. The charming scenery is so attractive that it makes one unwilling to leave, just as it is said that the most grotesque scenery in the world is in Heaven Pool.

Erlang Mountain Scenic Spot

  Erlang Mountain Scenic Spot boasts five international and national titles: the Base of International Dragon Boat Contest, National Forest Park, National Hydraulic Scenic Spot, the Training Base of National Inner Tuber Team, and the AAA-level scenic spot authorized by the central government. The Dragon Boat Contest, Water Lantern festival and Pagodatree Flower Festival are held every year which attract a lot of travelers from home and abroad. Erlang Mountain, named after the legend of “Erlang chasing the sun with the mountain on his shoulder”, is the main scenic spot in Shimantan National Forest Park, which lays two kilometers off the southeast Wugang city known as the “Xiaonanguo of the North”.

Erlang Mountain Scenic Spot is a natural oxygen bar and an ecological park covering more than 96 percent of forests and with negative ion 300 to 599 times as many as that of other ordinary cities. The spot is built along the range of the mountain and near a river. The landscape here is special and pleasant in all seasons. Birds are singing and dancing among the green mountains and limpid rivers, and flowers blossoming. It is a perfect place where the urban can adjust minds and bodies and relax away from the bustling urban life.  

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