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Stone Man Mountain landscape spot

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    The Stone Man Mountain scenic spot has been ranked as four-A level since the July of 2003.The total area of Stone Man Mountain is 268 square kilometers. Its main peak Yu Huang peak is 2153 meters high. The Stone Man Mountain was called Yao Mountain in ancient times, for Liu lei who is the grandson of Yao(the first emperor in Chinese history )built temple in honor of Yao. And, Mozhai who was one of the greatest thinker and social activist in the Warring States period was born at the foot of Yao Mountain.

Numerous peaks in the Stone Man Mountain are the blend of loftiness, steepness, gracefulness, grotesqueness and serenity. And in the mountain the thousand- year-old pine trees are fantastic and picturesque, the wave-like clouds seem to be a fairyland; the waterfalls are beyond the mundane elegance; and the landscapes can intrigue sensational emotions.

 The Stone Man Mountain enjoys fantastic and bizarre peaks, a great deal of waterfalls, thick woods, excellent hot spring, and splendid culture landscapes. It is evaluated by experts as precipitous as Hua Mountain, abrupt as Er Men Mountain, beautiful as Zhangjiajie, graceful as Huang Mountain. Therefore, it is a good place for sightseeing, summer--spending, convalescing from illness, researching and exploring. The landscape scenery in the Stone Man Mountain varies all the year round: in spring, birds singing among sweet flowers, rivers murmuring among green trees; in autumn, the mountain covered with a red coat; in winter, the coat of the mountain changing into white. 

The Stone Man Mountain landscape spot has formed its tourism pattern: one mountain, one lake and three travel lines. One mountain is the Stone Man Mountain which is an area for sightseeing, summer --spending, or searching for one’s root. One lake is Zhao Ping Lake, which is a place for aquatic amusement. Three travel lines: the first one, Hanxin, Xiaohe and Zhangliang aeronautic exhibition— the birthplace of Niugao—the military and culture tourism place, Mi Dong resort;the second one , Wei Shu Temple—Folk Custom Village—Six Goat Mountain; the last one, Upper Soup—Middle Soup—Low Soup hot spring bath by the side of lake.

All kinds of service facilities are available in the scenic spot. There are cableways for sightseeing; the granite sideway is 2000 meters long which is entitled as “the world’s number one sideway”, and the granite road is 8 kilometers long which is “the best road of Chinese attractions.”

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Recommended time of tourists: one day It is a great idea to take a train if one wants to get an eyeful of Center Plains’ landscapes. The Stone Man Mountain is next to Jiaozhi railroad. National roadways 311,207 run through the scenic spot. And there are several trains to Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou and other middle-size or big cities. The quote price of taxi to the Stone Man Mountain (one way): 80-100RMB Telephone number: 0375-5791123

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