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the Attraction of the Official buildings of Ye County

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The prefectural complex in Ye County was built in the second year of Emperor Hongwu of Ming Dynasty (1369AD), which is the only existing prefectural building of Ming Dynasty in the collection of prefectural complexes in our country. The complex is not only magnificent and spectacular but also higher-standard, for it is built for an official ranked the fifth rank in the government.

After restoration and reconstruction, the prefectural complex proper, which is made up of 41 parts including 153 chambers, consists of the front hall, the middle hall, the back hall, as well as the east and west Banfang, Liukefang and the east and west wings of the buildings affiliated, and prisons, kitchen yard, Xuqunfang, Xushou Hall, Sibuzhai, the south and north study rooms, and back gardens and Daxian Temple and so on. In order to improve the appreciation value, storage for cultural relics is moved into the newly-built exhibition hall of cultural relics. Three hundred out of one thousand pieces of cultural relics are exhibited, and among them, more than seventy pieces are valuable rarities。

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