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The cemetery of San Su

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   The clothes of Su Shi, Su Zhe and Su Xun, letters of men in South Song Dynasty have been buried here nine hundred years ago. The cemetery has been mourned by many men of letters who left many poems inscribed on steles to praise San Su.

Su Shi, Su Xun and Su Zhe were members of “Eight Masters of Tang and Song Dynasty”, especially Su Shi whose moral poems were unique, is called all-round master, and his many poems are still popular now. Since the clothing tomb of Su Xun was placed between the tombs of Su Shi and Su Xun in the twelfth year of Emperor Zhinzheng of Yuan Dynasty by Prefect Jia Yangyun, the spot is called “the tombs of three Sus” from then on.

The cemetery facing north consists of the mausoleum, Guangqing Temple and Three Su Temple covering an area of 14800 squares kilometer. The shadowy cypress tresses are on the sides of the main corridor to the mausoleum, and stone pillars, stone horses, stone sheep, stone tigers, stone dogs and stone men are arranged orderly on the sides of the corridor. Two stately stone lions are guarding the gate of the cemetery. Behind the hall is the altar, which is in front of the tombs: Su Xun’s is in the middle, Su Shi’ on the east and Su Zhe’ on the west. To the southwest of the tombs six tombs are aligned, which are tombs of Su Zhe’s sons.

San Su Temple was built in the Zhizheng reign, Yuan Dynasty. In the hall, the painted sculpture of Su Xun stands in the middle with his two sons’ on each side. Outside of the hall, there are steles of Jing, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, and the stele inscribed with the paint of “Jia Cheng Picture of the Mr. Sus” is particularly outstanding. Walking out of the east back door of Guangqing Temple, one can climb to the top of Xiao Ermei, where a 4.5-meter-high sculpture of Su Shi wearing a caftan with a book in his hand is standing. The cypress trees in the cemetery are luxuriant and magnificent. When the wind blows at night, leaves sound like raindrops falling on the ground. That is one of eight famous scenic spots in Jia County “the night rain of Su Cemetery”.                                                                  

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