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Zhan River Park

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Zhan River Park stretches 6 kilometers with an area of 72 hectares, ranging from Guangming Bridge in the west to the Xinhua Road Bridge and extending 240 meters from north to south. It is an open park and the visitors can come to and forth for free.

Zhan River Park is one of three natural landscapes in the city of Pingdingshan. The river in the park is available to develop a water park, which includes a dynamic section for activity and a static section for rest. One can swim and row a boat and so on in the dynamic section, and one can take a rest on the banks within the static section. The two banks in the park are closely connected by five bridges on the three-kilometer-long banks. By Zhongxing Road and Zhan River the park is divided into four parts: spring part, summer part, autumn part and winter part, which are laid out according to the seasonal scenery. The beach and Rainbow Bridge are in the east, and the south is taken up by Hebin Park and the park of the park “Fengchun Park”. A monument erected to geologists and large-scale sculptures inscribed by Mao Zedong are at the end of the Kaiyuan Bridge.

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