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Pingdingshan Local Products:

Lushan Silk

Lushan silk, produced in Lushan County, is also named Lushan Zhachou, bright-colored and durable and exported to India, Pakistan, Syria, Switzerland and other countries.

Zhaiji Mature Vinegar

It is produced in Baofeng County, also named as rice spiced vinegar with over 400 years’ brewing history. It looks good and tastes excellent. It is exported to the foreign countries.

Baofeng Wine

Baofeng Wine tastes pure and faint scent and is granted as nation--wide high-quality wine, only ranking after the eight famous wines. It is produced in Baofeng County.。

Ru Chinaware

Ru chinaware, produced in Ruzhou city, is of good quality and bright-looking with spots and hidden stripes and ice flowers. It is always regarded as a rarity all the time.


Hongniang, low output and grown in Ye County, is a kind of insect medicine; the one with eight tentacles is of top grade and highly efficient in healing..

Song Palace Royal Wine

Song Palace Royal Wine, produced in Ruzhou County with higher quality and lower percentage of alcohol, and packed in Ru chinaware, is a spectacular drink.

Purple Pottery

Purple Pottery, produced in Baofeng County, can endure extreme coldness and heat without exploding or cracking. It can preserve fragrance while making tea. It can prevent the tea from souring after overnight in summer.

Zhangliang Ginger

Zhangliang Ginger, produced in Lushan County, tastes fragrant and refreshing, hot but crisp, with functions of sweating, controlling vomiting, detoxicating and strengthening the stomach. It is also used as nice spice.

Liangwa Pottery And Porcelain

Liangwa pottery and porcelain, produced in Lushan County, is artistically molded with bright color and high quality. It is best-sold throughout the country.


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Lushan silk

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