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Jingchuan hot spring

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/4

Jingchuan hot spring is surrounded by mountains and water. The surroundings is gracious, beautiful, convenient, and informative. The hot spring is explored in 1971, with a constant temperature 38.2℃ all around the year. It has 13 active microelements. Having bath in hot spring can keep the human body clean and moist, and has health-care functions including accelerate blood circulation, practice the cardiac muscle, protect the heart, help digestion, get rid of fatigue, heal cardiac vein and skin diseases.  

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How to Get There?
Jingchuan hot spring abuts against the 312 National Highway, there are direct tourist buses to the hot spring from Jingchuan. Very convenient!

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More Tips:
1.Accommodation Many hotels offer accommodation in the development area of Jingchuan hot spring with good conditions and reasonable prices, tourists can get accommodation in local area. 2.Delicacies There are many delicious foods in Jingchuan, Huahua noodles, clover noodles, pot steamed bun, Huoshaozi(a fried cake with green Chinese onion in it), Lushi(a kind of cake made by steamed maize flour mixed with honey and sugar), jellied bean curd and fruits. In local streets, tourists can choose the good-conditioned restaurants to taste on their own. 3.Recommended time for a visit:As long as how you like the bath in hot spring

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