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Longquan Temple in Chongxin

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The current from Feng Mountain leaks out from the cliffs and formed two springs, one is called Nonglu spring, another Guanzhu spring. The precipice of the latter stands an old cypress, almost thousands years old, taking the shape of a flying dragon with scare claws who winds with the precipice. The dragon coordinated with the spring embodies the mountains and water, thus the name of Longquan Temple.

Longquan Temple situated in low hills and ravines. The scene impresses the visitors with its small and exquisite: green hills, blue waters, creeks overflowing from the rocks, the spilling spring and dragon beads. All these are in the scenic area no more than 133 hectares away, which gathers the eight prime sights in loess plateau of east Long: the lotus flowers in the rising sun, the autumn breeze in the plateau, a concrete-made dragon crouching before the old cypress, the splashing beads from the dragon’s mouth, walking on the white bridge under the moon, the continuous heavy rain in the pond, mist and clouds in the groove. etc.

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How to Get There?
One of the buses from Lanzhou to Pingliang departs every half an hour. After arriving at the Pingliang city, tourists may take the coach to Chongxin in Pingliang bus station, then transfer the tourist bus in Chongxin, or take a taxi to the destination.

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1.Accommodation Around the temple there are few place to get accommodation, tourists may choose to lodge in the Chongxin County seat, or back to Pingliang City. 2.Delicacies There are many special snacks in Chongxin County, each with unique flavor, tourists can savor in local restaurants. 3.Shopping Tourists will find local specialties cheaper here than those on display at the urban shops of Pingliang. 4.Recommended time for a visit:Two hours

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