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Southern Grotto Temple

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Southern Grotto Temple is situated behind mountains facing waters and surrounded by green trees. Nowadays 5 niches preserved, among them the east big grotto No.1 and the west small grotto No.2 are well-preserved and the former is the main grotto of Southern Grotto Temple, with unique structure and grand construction. Inside the grotto, 7 Buddha statues with 2 meters high surround the walls, and 13 Bodhisattva stand besides, each with distinctive posture, to be lifelike, the roof bestrewed with relives, which depicts the sutra stories such feeding the tiger regardless one’s safety and play in the palace. The simple and brief carvings with vivid and smooth lines reflect the wisdom of craftsman in old times and ancestor’s hope for a better life in the future.

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There are many buses which depart ordinarily from Pingliang to Jingchuan. When you arrive at Jingchuan, you can transfer local tourist line to the destination.

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1.Accommodation The Southern Grotto Temple lies in the development area of Jingchuan hot spring, there are many hotels nearby with good conditions and reasonable prices. One can get accommodation in local area. 2.Delicacies There are many delicious food in Jingchuan, such as the long noodles, Huahua noodles, clover noodles, pot steamed bun, Huoshaozi(a fried cake with green Chinese onion in it), Lushi(a kind of cake made by steamed maize flour mixed with honey and sugar), jellied bean curd and fruits. in local streets, one can choose the good-conditioned restaurants to taste on his own. 3.Recommended time for a visit:One hour

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