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The Ancient Lingtai scenic spot

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The ancient sacrificial altar was first built in the reign of Emperor Zhou of Shang Dynasty (11th century A.D.). After Emperor Wen of Shang Dynasty conquered Mixu state situated in the modern Baili Town district of Lingtai, he ordered to built it for offering sacrifices the Heaven and showing benevolence.

Modern Lingtai nestles at the north facing the south, with 18 meters wide in bottom and 13 meters high. The altar has three-storey, at the top floor there carves the sculptures of Wen emperor, on the walls beside hung large mural paintings, which well represents the grand scenery of Wen emperor attacking the Mi state. And steles in the bottom cloister, where collected over 260 inscriptions and plagues written by ancient and today politicians and personages.

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How to Get There?
Tourists who come from Lanzhou direction may take the coach to Pingliang, and then transfer to Lingtai County seat, finally walk is recommended to the destination. In that way the fatigue from by bus will be reduced, at the same time you could appreciate the views nearby.

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1.Accommodation In Lingtai County seat, there are several hotels with complete facilities; they may be your first choice. Also you can choose to lodge in those well-conditioned country hotels, where prices are reasonable but with simple facilities.

2.Delicacies Braised turtle in clear soup is a famous dish in Gansu taking the ’Chinese turtle’ as main raw material, is very popular in customers for its unique cuisine and rich nutrition. 3.Shopping Among the various kinds of fruits, melons, vegetables, herbs, ’Chinese turtle’ and ’apricot which looks like the heart of cattle’ are the best known specialties. Tourists can get from local specialty shops. 4.Recommended time for a visit:One hour

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