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The National Forest Park Yunya Temple

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Yunya Temple was named for the suspended clouds-like cliffs. It is a cluster of grottos for very long time squatting in the peculiar peaks and beautiful ridges. It is the Buddhist and Taoist priests and hermits’ destination since the Northern Wei Dynasty.

In history it has the same position with Kongtong Mountain, Maiji Mountain and Xianren Cliff. In the Yuya temple garden, we will feast our eyes on the brilliant hues of red and green, we’ll witness with admiration the beautiful mountains, where dotted with precipitous peaks, verdant forests, numerous grotto niches and grotesque rock formations with clear creeks meandering through and cheerful birds singing and dancing in the woods.

It covers an area of 14891 hectares; the plants here mainly consist of Hua Mountain pine, oil pine, larch, red birch, white birch, aspen and plum tree. And the animals mainly include leopard, deer, roe, boar, red belly golden pheasant, turtledove, something like that, are the national second and third grade preserved animals. The intriguing birds are singing on the trees and those rare beasts are running in the woods.

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How to Get There?
Yuya Temple is 25kilometers away from Zhuanglang County to the west, 60miles away from the railway in the air to the east, with easy transportation. Tourists arrived at Pingliang City from Lanzhou direction may take the tourist bus or taxi to the destination.

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1.Accommodation Tourists can see the well-known and unknown sites in Zhuanglang County. It is recommended to get accommodation in the country hotels there. While relaxing, one can experience local customs and discover something new.

2.Delicacies Abundant in cooked wheaten food, tourists can play knife and folk in local restaurants without much expense for it is very cheap and also bring local ripe sweet apples. 3.Recommended time for a visit:Three hours

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