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Willow Lake Park of Kongtong

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Rambling serene paths along a staircase, we can see the verdant willow shadows, the rippling lakes, the misty flower gardens which set off one another, exquisite terraces and lightly floating boats. Taking delight in the beautiful scenery that you’ll find difficult to turn away from. Then at late spring, the light catkin wafting around the lakes, well known as the scene of the snow in sunny days in the Willow Lake Park, is one of the eight sights in Pingliang.

The lake originates from the Warm Spring, with a stone tablet standing beside, in which Zuo Zongtang (a famous Chinese general in Qing Dynasty) has inscribed above two big characters ’Warm Spring’ and below an epigraph that ‘Pingliang is cold for its height, and the same is true to the springs; while the spring here is warm, even in cold winter, it is not frozen.’. ‘

The sun is shining on the lake, from where the snowflakes come? Pieces of snowflakes wafting by the wind, looks like the small pieces of the silver flying in the air. In the moonlight, you doubt that they may wet your close but actually not; and when you face the wind, you feel no cold. As the Willow Lake share the beauty of West Lake, it inspired many poets.’ That’s an old eulogy to the scene of light catkin wafting which appears to be the snow in sunny days.

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How to Get There?
The Willow Lake Park (a park characteristic by its willows and lakes) located in the urban area of Pingliang City. We can take bus or taxi there for its ideal location.

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1.Accommodation Willow Lake Park lies in the heart of Pingliang City, there are many hotels around, and so it is very convenient to get accommodation. There are a wide range of hotels to suit all pockets and demands. 2.Delicacies There are many characteristic snacks in Pingliang, take an example, the Degui kidlet mutton. 3.Recommended time for a visit:Two hours

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