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Zhuanglang terraced fields

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/11

If you travel in the mountains and water of Zhuanglang, look over the green wilds and the blue sky, there are layers upon layers terraced fields, poetic and picturesque, seems to be engraved by the artists. The synthetic management model of eco terraced fields, the top of the mountains wear the sand hat, the waist of the mountains are encircled with the terraced fields, and below, the ridge of fields are surrounded by the grasslands, and outside that is a groove seems that the mountain wear shoes. The Japanese and Israelite agricultural experts cannot help to acclaim that this is a charming landscape painting delineated by the Zhuanglang people, it really is a world wonder!

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How to Get There?
Take a coach in Pingliang city to Zhuanglang County, and then you’ll see a large area of terraced fields.

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More Tips:
1.Accommodation There are many hotels and guesthouses, tourists can choose good-conditioned one to get accommodation. It is suggested to lodge in the country hotels near the terraced fields. Before tea and after meals, you can see the terraced fields anywhere so that you’ll get refreshed and enjoy yourself. 2.Delicacies The farmhouses near the terraced fields offer many local food, though they are not noted, its flavor being unique and you’ll cherish it for a long time. 3.Shopping For the hard work of local peasants, there are abundant with agricultural products, the apple in particular is a specialty in local areas, was crown as ’Chinese brand fruit’, tourists may taste fresh apples here. 4.Recommended time for a visit:Two hours

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