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Pingliang Travel Guide

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Pingliang Overview

Pingliang, located in east Gansu Province, being the joint of three provinces of Shanxi, Gansu and Ningxia, is the traffic fortress of east Silk Road. It has long established (is known) as the "Dock on Land" in Long County (Gansu Province in the history). In 358 AD, the Emperor Fujian of Qin Dynasty wanted to attack Liang state, thus named Pingliangjun instead of Gaopingzhen, meaning to suppress the Liang state.

That's the history of the city's name. Pingliang has beautiful mountains, rivers and peculiar scenery, where dotted with natural and ecological sights and sights of cultural and historic value, what combined to form a shining beauty. With a long history and long standing culture, it is rich in tourism resources for it being one of the cradles of ancient Chinese civilization.

Three features of tourism resources in Pingliang embodies: firstly, the accumulation of culture through history, including the cultural resources of Silk Road culture, Chengji culture, Kongtong culture, Wang Mu culture, Shangzhou culture(culture of Shang Dynasty and Zhou Dynasty melted), Qinhan culture(culture of Qin Dynasty and Han Dynasty melted), Huangpumi medical culture and modern culture; secondly, the natural resources characteristic in peculiar western sights in China:

Kongtong Mountain, which is a state-listed scenic spot and a first-ratified national AAAA level tourist attraction; Yunya(named for its suspended cloud-like cliffs) Temple, a national forest park; Lianhua(lotus flowers) Terrace and Wulong(five dragons) Mountain where covered with luxuriant virgin forests; and Zhuanglang, the model County in terraced fields accounting for about 657,000 hectares; and last, the ethnic custom resources of eighteen ethnics including Han, Hui, Tibetan and Bonan, to name just a few.

The ethnic custom resources such as the loess cave-house, folk embroidery and cowhide lamp shadow are famous both at home and abroad.

Population: Almost 2 million.

Area: 11,141 square kilometers

Zone number:0933

Post number:744000

Districts:Pingliang city plus six counties: Jingchuan, Lingtai, Chongxin, Huating, Zhuanglang, Jingning.