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Daliancheng Scenic Area

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Daliancheng Scenic Area is located about 1.5 kilometers away from Pingxiang City. It was once used to be the command center for the military affairs. On the mountains around Daliancheng, there are 8 medium-sized cannons which are just like the united annular Great Wall. So it is also called “the natural barrier of the united Great Wall”. In the valleys, there are large-scale magnificent architectural complex, including the Drillground, Ordnance Bureau, Celebration Palace, the Residence, the Ancient Opera Stage, Wusheng Temple, the Mammon Temple, the Kitchen God Temple, the ordinary shops, stores and four wells of different purposes. On August, 1981, Daliancheng Site was appraised as the important protection unit of cultural relic of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. At present, it becomes a tourist resort with unique characteristics.

Inside Daliancheng Scenic Area, there is a White Jade Cave with stalactites as white as polished jade. Besides, in the cave, there are also reception rooms and rooms for resting. After the Sino-French War, the famous general Su Yuanchun of the late Qing Dynasty made Daliancheng as his command center and the White Jade Cave was his residence and office. Besides, it was also the place for beating the heat. In the cave, there were Su Yuanchun’s inscriptions. After 20 years of construction, Daliancheng has become the largest and the most magnificent center of politics and military on the border line of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

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