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White Jade Cave

Last updated by joyce at 2015/11/10

In Daliancheng Scenic Area, which is 1.5 kilometers away from Pingxiang City, there is a White Jade Cave ranking first among the top 8 beautiful scenery of Pingxiang. As there are stalactites as white as polished jade in the cave, the cave is named White Jade Cave. The White Jade Cave consists of the upper cave, the middle cave and the lower cave which are passable to each other. It can hold thousands of people. Fantastically shaped stones and rocks of various varieties abound in the cave and there are also reception rooms and rooms for resting.

After the Sino-French War, the famous general Su Yuanchun of the late Qing Dynasty made Daliancheng as his command center and the White Jade Cave was his residence and office. Besides, the cave was also the place for beating the heat. In the cave, there were Su Yuanchun’s inscriptions. The top of the cave is very flat and there are numerous holes which are just like the footprints of elephants. According to the legend, it is said that said that celestials riding elephants once went into the cave.

The spectacular natural landscape of the cave has been glorified in Chinese stories and poetry written by many poets who had been there. The beautiful natural scenery, the stalactites of a variety of forms and the beautiful legends made White Jade Cave become more and more famous, attracting an increasing number of tourists from home and abroad every year.

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