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Yangshimu Scenic spot

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/21

Yangshimu Scenic spot has a variety of scenes in all one majesty, whose main peak, Yangshimu Peak, is 1,674 meters above sea level. For its various geographic structures and climate, its landforms are quite different though located in the same sub-tropical climate zone. The grassy marshlands, stalagmite, bizarre pines and bamboos can be seen dimly in the sea of clouds. They look surpassingly beautiful and differently-shaped under the sunshine. The gully looks as if it was bottomless and the spring water poured down from the Heaven. All of these creat a wonderland in the human world. Walking among the peaks, streams, pines, bamboos, and tea trees, one may feel as if walking in a picture. Among the everlasting green mountains, Yangshimu Mountain has been sunk in sleep for tens of thousands of years. As the time goes by, she will be grander and more elegant.

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If one charter a bus in Pingxiang City, it’ll cost around 220 Yuan RMB.

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