Dongyan Mountain

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Donyan Mountain, which is called Wushi Mountain in the ancient time, is also named Lin Mountain because of stones on it are like Chinese unicorn. It locates in northwest of the urban district. Before dawn, when overlooking on the mountain, a spectacular scenery can be seen, where the rising sun has just appeared, shedding light on the cloud, as if it is a wheel or a plate with ten thousand golden lights. This wonderful scenery of ″The Brilliant Rising Sun on the East Mountain″is therefore well-known.

There is an "East Rock Temple of repaying kindness" on the half way up of East Rock Mountain, which is built in Chunhua first year of Song Dynasty (AD 990). A stone hollow tower built in Song Dynasty of three floors with octagonal eaves stands at the back of the main palace of the temple. The hollow eaves and the high ceilings are in extremely fantastic and ancient style. There are 37 basso-relievo lions, which come in every shape and are very really vivid. The sculptures of wrestlers of Buddha’s warrior are attendant in the tower door, the lines of which are straightforward and the style of the model is simple and unsophisticated. Below the right of the temple is a "Three Religions Ancestral Temple" built in Ming Dynasty, where the spirits of the founder of the three religions (Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism) Lin Zhaoen is presented with respect.

Lin Zhaoen (AD 1517-1598), also named Maoxuan or Longjiang, was born in Xiang Chizhu of Putian city. He was called "Mr. Three Religions" or "Hierarch of the three religions" because he advocated combining the three religions: Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. There is a camphor tree of thousand years at the back of the Lin Mountain Ancestral Temple, which is 15 meters high and 13.8 meters girth. The tree grows into three main branches, two of which has been withered, and the rest one branch is luxuriant and spreading all around, like dragons curling around.

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