Meifeng Temple

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The temple was originally a pavilion of Goddess of Mercy. In Song Dynasty Yuanfeng eighth year (1085), a local celebrated scholar Li Fu’s mother Ms. Huang devoted more than one hundred mu to enlarge the pavilion and rebuilt it to be a temple. Shaoxing seventh year (AD 1137), it is granted a name of Repaying Kindness Guangxiao Temple. In Yuan Dynasty, lessons are given to the public in the temple. In Ming Dynasty Jiajing 41th year (AD 1562), bandits conquered Putian city and burned the temple. It was rebuilt in Ming Dynasty Wanli year. In Qing Dynasty, more than then palaces of different size are built beside the mountain orderly.

Clock building and drum building of three floors and four corners stand inside the two sides of the Mountain gate. On the third floor of the clock building hangs a copper bell made by the famous craftsman Cai Tong, the sound of which can predict the weather and spread to 40 kilometers far away. In Qing Dynasty 13th year (1887), when Chu army stayed in the temple, the copper bell is burned and ruined. In the year of Republic of China, a new bell is made which is similar to that in Song Dynasty. The new bell is 15,000 kilogram carved with five hundred characters of religious text. The bell is sophisticated and straightforward, and the sound of it is extremely loud and clear. In the dim light of the dawn, the bell begins to sound melodiously, which is called Plum Temple Morning Bell.

In recent years, oversea Chinese funded to rebuild the temple. A new pavilion of Goddess of Mercy was built newly on the top of the mountain, which is tens of meters high. It is the highest building in the urban area. Overlooking form the pavilion, the sceneries within the urban area can be appreciated clearly. Plums are grown all over the mountain, with the fragrant flowers as if there is a snow sea. It is special scenery in the urban area.  

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