San Qing Palace

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San Qing Palace lies in the northern bank of Jianji Bridge (Guan Bridge) of Northern River inurban area. It is one of the main building relics that were constructed as Taoism temples in Zhenguan Second year of Tang Dynasty (AD 628). It was named as Tianqing Temple in Song Dynasty, renamed as Xuanmiao Temple in Yuan Dynasty, and again renamed as again renamed as Yuanmiao Temple in Qing Dynasty for avoiding the same name with emperor Kangxi’s other name Xuanye. The temple was built against the mountain. There are five rooms along the width, and enlarged to seven rooms in Ming Dynasty. The depth of the temple is six rooms. Inside the temple stand twenty stone columns connected to the beam in the style of Song Dynasty’s architecture.

Dongyue Palace is to the east of Sanqing Palace. Dongyue Palace still boasts dragon columns of Song Dynasty and beam structure of Ming Dynasty, which was painted the colorful pictures of Taoism. It is a rare ancient building in southern China. The court between Sanqing Palace and Dongyue Palace is used as a Stele Park, where all the steles of the city are collected and protected. Besides, there are carvings of characters of Shushi, Wen Tainxiang and Zhouying, etc in different style such as Zhen, Cao, Zhuan and LI, which are rare cultural relics. Nowadays Dongyue Palace has been set as preparatory department of Cultural Relics Park of Putian city.

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One can take motorbike in Putian urban area to Sanqing Palace. It will only cost 3 RMB.

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