Putian Travel Guide

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Putian Overview

Putian City covers 3,781 square kilometers. The population of the city is 3,230,000. The inhabitants are mainly Han people, more than 170 thousand of whom are returned overseas Chinese and their family members. As well, several hundred thousands of oversea Chinese from Putian City settled down in countries in Southeast Asia, North and South America. Putian city is one of the hometown cities in Fujian for overseas Chinese.

At the elbow of Putian city are the ocean and the hills. It is located to the south of Fuzhou city, borders Fuqing county in the northeast, adjoins Yongtai county and Dehua county in the northwest, neighbors Yongchun county, Nan'an county, Huian county and Carp town area in the southwest. It is on the seaside in the southeast and across the channel from Taiwan.

The administrative districts of Putian city include Putian county, Xianyou county, Chengxiang district, Hangjiang district, a development zone on the northern bank of Meizhou Bay and national tourist and holiday district of Meizhou island.

Futian city is a famous area yielding grains and fruits. Not only are litchi, longan, Pipa and their canned products famous in domestic China and abroad, but also it is famous as Sugar Cane town, one of the important areas for sugar in China. The well-known Xinghua rice flour of Putian city has been exported to southeastern Asia and European and American countries. Putian city is located on Xinghua plateau plains, where the ground even out with convenient seaway and road transportation. Road transportation and inland river transportation radiates in all directions. Steamers can travel between Chengxiang district and Hanjiang district. Fuzhou-Xiamen Road and its branches run across Fujian province, connecting Putian city with Fuzhou, Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Quanzhou and Sanming, etc.

Putian city is praised as Booming Shoe Town, which is the main shoe production basis in Fujian province. Putian city develops fast through producing shoes. Meanwhile, fresh water fish breeding industry is very flourishing. The export quota of live eels of Putian city accounts for 40% of the total quota of the province. Puxian opera, which is called a living fossil of local operas, is the one of the important kinds of local operas. Putian city also boasts the name of Track and Field Land, where many excellent athletes are from developed.

Putian has been named as Land of Literature with flourishing culture. Putian city has witnessed great importance attached to education and school, and flourishing culture.

Putian city is beautiful with a long history. There are many scenes of humanities and natural scenes. The main tourist attractions are: Jiuli Lake, Maixie Rock, Caixi Rock, Mei Islet and Tide Sound, Stone Room with Smoke, Morning Sun Rising from Eastern Mountain, Purple Heaven and Fantastic Stone, White Lake under Autumn Moon, Guanghua Temple, Sanqing Palace, Mulan Lake, Ninghai Bridge, Guqiao Building, Jiaji Study of Grass, Xianyou Eastern Gate and Stone Lane, Civil Temple.