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Putian Food

Last updated by  at 2016/11/4

Putian Featured Food:

Rendan Cake

Use polished glutinous rice powder as raw materials, mix with white sugar, refined salt, sour juice, and dust with white sugar when it is hot after steamed fully. Rendan Cake is sweet, salty, and acid. It is suitable for patient, old man and children.

Fengting Cake

Fengting Cake

Use pure polished glutinous rice as raw materials, mix with powder of pale sugar, combine with the shelled peanut, sesame, etc., after dry-cooking fully, cut into pieces in four squares. It is fragrant, sweet and delicious, suitable for the old man and children. It is a good merchantable brand which can be presented to relatives and friends. It is popular in and out of the province and Southeast Asian area.

Liao Cake And Sesame Canister

Xianyou County has a long history of producing Liao Cake and Sesame Canister. When producing Liao Cake, use polished glutinous rice, cane sugar, soda ash, malt sugar as raw materials, after making into white pieces like wax gourd, fry into Liao’s form. If it is covered with Liao rice, it would be Liao cake; if it is covered with sesame, it would be sesame canister. Both of them are nutritious, crisp and delicious.

Red Cake

Mix the flour into balls, and then make them into pastry crusts, then wrap up with peanut powder, sesame, and add white sugar. The cake is sweet and full of fragrance.