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Qicheng Cultural Relics Park

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Qi City Cultural Relics Scenic District covers an area of 760 Mou. There are 5 memorial scenic spots and 3 cultural relics.

Qi City is also called Kongli City. During Spring and Autumn Period, Qi City was in its prime. Ancient documents described its glorious economic and cultural situations. In the ancient history book Chunqiujingzhuan Qi City was mentioned 40 times. According to ancient documents, Qi City became a place where the feudal princes met and negotiate. According to an ancient history book Zuozhuan, from 626 BC to 531 BC, the feudal princes from different state had met here for seven times. The relic of the meeting platform is still there.

Presently the scenic spot include Meeting Platform, Ancient Wall, Gate, Exhibit Hall, Confucius’s Resident, and etc. Qi City is a relic under national protection. Above the ground are the relics of the ancient Qi City, under the ground are the relics of Yangshao Culture.

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1、If you are doing the driving tour, you’ll find it on the right side towards the south along the Jingkai Road. 2、You can get there by taxi at the cost of about 10 Yuan. Another option is to take bus No.6 or No.26 and it can be reached in 10 minutes.

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Recommended time for a visit:Half a day

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