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the Tomb of Zilu

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introduction to the scenic spot

In 480B.C., Zilu fought to death in a palace revolution in order to protect Kongli, He was buried in the east of Qicheng. His Tomb is still existing. It faces south and the auxiliary structures include a tombstone, animal statues, a memorial archway, posts, a palace, corridors and a gate.

It is famed that the tomb of Zilu has built in Han Dynasty which is 4.30 metres high, whose diameter is about 29 metres. There are old cypresses and fences around the tomb, before which is post, gate, stele and animal statues. It is provable. 

Brief introduction of Zilu:

Zilu was also called Jilu, whose family name is Zhong and the first name is You, who was famous for knowledge about government affair. As the famous student of Confucius, He had been an official of high rank of Wei Country, later the guard of Kongli who was the authority of the Wei Country. And the later generations of Confucian call him Zhongfuzi.

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How to Get There?
1、If you are doing the driving tour, you’ll find it towards the south along the Jingkai Road. 2、You can get there by taxi at the cost of about 10 Yuan. Another option is to take bus No.6 or No.26 and it can be reached in 10 minutes

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Recommended time for a visit: Half an hour

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