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Pingtang Zhangbu Scenic Area

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The total area of the Pingtang Scenic Area is 182 square kilometers. It consists of four scenic spots: the Jiacha scenic spot, the “Hidden-words rock” scenic spot, the Longtang Lake scenic spot and the Pingzhou River scenic spot. In the Jiacha scenic spot, there are the waterfall, the sand beach, the rivers, the limestone cave, the canyon, and the bamboo grove. It is not only a miniature of Guizhou’s natural landscape, but also a bright pearl on the golden travel route of South Guizhou. The “Hidden-words rock” scenic spot is famous for a huge rock. On the surface of the rock there are five naturally formed Chinese characters. The characters represent “The Chinese Communist Party”. It is really a natural wonder. The landscape of Longtang Lake scenic spot reminds you the magnificent sight of the Three Gorges and the beauty of Guilin. The scenic spot is next to the famous Wolong Cave, Qinglong Gorge and Lianshi Gorge and it is a good place to relax your mind. Pingzhou River scenic spot is a heaven of peace with beautiful rural scenery and gorgeous river valley scenery. La’an River Gorge scenic spot is a gorge with many shoals and rapids. There you can explore in well-preserved virgin forest and deep and serene mysterious limestone cave.

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How to Get There?
1) Ce San Highroad runs due north and due south through the Pingtang County. It takes four hours to Pingtang from the Guiyang Master Station by bus, the ticket is RMB 22 yuan per person. 2) You can drive along Guixin Road. Go out of the road at Mochongza road junction and it takes another 30 mile drive to Pingtang County.

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Accommodation: tourists can stay overnight in hostels or Forestry Hotel in Pingtang County. It’s about RMB 60-100 yuan a day. Shopping: the special local products are Golden Yinzi (a kind of preserved fruit), roxburgh rose, mushroom, bamboo shoots, tea etc.

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