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Yinzhai Buyei Village

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Yinzhai village is one of the thirteen protective ethnic villages in Guizhou province.

It is a village with luxuriant vegetation. There you can find a great number of old trees, such as gingkoes, and cypresses.The Wengcheng River flows through the county. The water of Wengcheng river is so clear that you can see to the bottom.In the center of the river there is a small island called Yuanyang Island (Mandarin duck Island). On the island there are dozens of towering old trees. Because of its beautiful scenery and good ecological environment, Yinzai village is called “Small Huaxi”. (Huaxi is a very famous scenic area in Guizhou province).

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1) the ethnic people in South Guizhou province are very hospitable and warm. When you enter their villages, the girls in the villages will entertain you with “Welcome Wine” in buffalo horn cups. They sing folk songs to urge you to drink the wine. You should drink all the wine to show your respect to the hosts. If you could not drain the cup dry, don’t touch the horn cup. Let the girl send the cup to your mouth, and you can just wet your lips with the wine. 2) In the village, there are hotels and rest houses for visitors and small cabins and tents for camping. There you may taste delicious local food, including the cured meat, the vegetable bean curd and the wild mushroom, as well as the fresh carp in the lake. 3) Local souvenir: the woodcarving mask, the bamboo handicraft, the manual embroidery and shoe pad, silver ornaments and so on. Special local product: the musk, the bezoar, the pangolin, the Jibakuai (a kind of food made from chicken), the rice sweets, the fermented bean curd and the Shouwu wine (The wine made from the tuber of multiflower knotweed).

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