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Dragon Head Mountain Nature Reserve

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In the north of Anlong County where the counties of Xinren and Zhenfeng join, there lies an over one hundred mile long wriggling mountain range and it is the famous mountain in Qianxinan – the Dragon Head Mountain. Looking up at the foot of the mountain, one sees the highest peak of the mountain which resembles a gigantic dragon head with its mouth stretched out and eyes opening wide. The dragon body winds its way southeastwards and vanishes gradually in Zhenfeng. The Dragon Head Mountain has become a well known tourist attraction of Guizhou province since Ming and Qing Dynasty. There is an ancient poem depicts its splendors. “The east of the Dragon Head Mountain has a crowd of peaks; the roads snakes among the peaks; the ancient woods and desolate forests make here more like a picturesque painting and the dangerous rocks hump up and are a real natural wonder.” The four highlights of this scenic zone are the mountainous scenery, Wanlan tree fern forest, the Sifang caves and the town of ceramics- the Yaoshang Village.

The Mountainous Scenery

The Dragon Head Mountain boasts 16,500 acre of woodland and 150,000 acre of grass and scrub land. It is a home for a wide variety of plants for lumber, ornament, medicine, and gardening. Mostly surprisingly is that there grow a piece of about 1,500 acre primitive azalea woods. Most of the azalea, six to eight meters in height and 10 to 15 centimeter in trunk diameter (the largest is over 30 centimeters), are more than 100 years old but still evergreen throughout the whole year. Many rare species can be found in the woods such as the horse tassel azalea, the long pistil azalea, the lily azalea, the green lotus azalea, the morning dew azalea and the butterfly azalea etc.  

The Wanlan Tree Fern Forest

The tree fern has been classified as the Class I rare and in severe danger plant species. It is estimated there are a total of 100, 000 tree ferns in the world while the Dragon Head Mountain is home to more than 3,000. The tree fern are primarily found in the villages of Zheyan, Liuyingtang, Zulinghai and Nachahe etc. of Wannan at the northern foot of the Dragon Head Mountain. Called living fossils, the tree fern is of very high scientific value as regards the research of the origin of life as well as the living habit of the dinosaurs in this region.

The Sifang Caves

The Sifang Caves are located in the middle of the mountainside. There are a large number of mysterious caves through the mountain, it is therefore called Sifang Caves or caves are everywhere. The deep and serene caves give their visitors boundless imaginations and expectations. 

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