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The Maling River Valley Scenic Zone

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Originates from Baiguo Peak of the Wumeng Mountain Ranges, the upper reaches of the Maling River is called Qingshui River or Clean Water River. The middle reaches, due to the Mabie Village and the Maling Villages in the neighborhood, is called Maling River and it joins the Napan River at the bordering area of Guangxi and Guizhou. This region belongs to the typical Karst topography that is featured by lime stone formation, abundant caves and bizarre shaped peaks and rocks. Different from other ordinary valley, it is actually a huge crack on the earth, which is said to be the prettiest scar of the globe.

Within this piece of 74 square kilometers land there exist numerous waterfalls, treacherous beaches, ponds, rocks and sharp cliffs. On both sides of the valley there stand numerous green peaks that resemble old man, animal and suchlike. Among the hills and peaks one can see many ancient temples, bridges, ancient battle field and postal path. The whole scenic zone is made up of four parts: Chelang Hot Spring, Five Color Corridor, Sky Stars Art Gallery and Qingshui River Scenic Spot.    

1) Chelang Hot Spring

The Chelang Buyi ancient village lies in the upper reaches of the Maling River. The river valley goes through the village and on both sides of the valley there is a hot spring. The one on the left is called “the Spring of Son” while the one on the right “the Spring of Daughter”. From the ancient time until now Buyi people have kept the habit of men and women taking bath in the river together. The water temperature stays constantly at 38℃- 40℃, which is ideal for swimming and bathing.

2) Five Colors Corridor

The 20 kilometers section from Longyin to Maling Village, which abounds with clean springs, waterfalls, deep ponds and lush vegetation, is often likened to a five colors artistic corridor. The first color refers to the three dynamic springs that run around the green peaks. According to Chinese traditional literature, mountains and peaks are dead without water flowing around. The second color is the waterfall at the cave of the Dragon Head Mountain. On sunny days a pretty rainbow appears above the waterfall. The third color is meant by the running brook in the valley. Beside the brook we can see shrimps, crabs and fish that swim bewtween the pebbles and hear the melody of the flowing stream. The large variety of rare water weeds, blossoms and bushes are known as the fourth color. The last color, the Zhuchang River and the Mulang River marked by purely clean water is reputed as the abode of the fairy mother goddess.

3) Sky Stars Art Gallery

Around six kilometers from the city of Xinyi, the Sky Stars Art Gallery is the most essential part of the valley zone which is featured by imposing waterfalls and bizarre cliffs and rocks. The whole natural gallery is 1.7 kilometers in length and 200 meters in depth in the heart of the valley. There are nine important scenic spots in it and they are introduced briefly in order as below.

The first is the 13 waterfalls of different shape and size. Their pretty names offer a clue to their looks. Good examples are Ten Thousand Horses Roaring Waterfall, Pearl Waterfall, Face Veil Waterfall, Intermission Five Folded Waterfall, Fishing for the Moon Waterfall, Washing One’s Heart Waterfall, Curtain Waterfall and Flying Hall Waterfall etc. The 13 waters together make a huge waterfall which is 120 to 300 meters high and 20 to 110 meters wide. People often said that it is the Milky Way flowing down to the earth. The second important scenic spot is the 2,000 meters long and 200 meters high cliff. Numerous stalagmites, stalactites, stone pillars, stone curtains and stone bamboo shoots grow on the cliff and take the shape of an old man, an animal or others. The third attraction is the reflection of the waterfall on sunny days. When the sun is shinning in the sky, the reflected sun lights form a seven color rainbow. The fourth attraction is called the Bathhouse in the Rays of Morning Sunshine. As the name implies when people approach the Ten Thousand Horses Roaring Waterfall, they seem to be bathing in the reflected colorful sunshine. The following four attractions are Underground Palace in the Foggy Sea, the Mini Park on the Foggy Island, the Forest and Grass Park and the Aquatic Merry Land of the Stone Isle. The last place of interest, called A Tour in the Painting, is a 300, 000 square meters cliff. On the huge stone screen there grow bamboos, flowers and vines; run many waterfalls and streams and stand innumerable bizarre stones. Below the huge cliff, the visitors seem to tour in a huge oil painting.

Exploring the Sky Stars Art Gallery, one will find that the valley is increasingly dangerous and steep as the tour continues. The waterfall can be heard earlier than can be seen. Listening carefully, you may find that the undulating melody of the water sounds like that of numerous pearls falling on a jade plate.

4) Qingshi (Clean Water) River Scenic Spot

Qingshui River or Clean Water River Scenic Zone is the core of Maling River Valley, and the starting point of the white water surfing on the Maling River Valley. Being a 4A (the highest ranking) scenic spot of China and 31 kilometers from the city, the whole zone boasts a great number of waterfalls, limestone formations and well preserved primitive ecological systems. There is a piece of imposing stones forest, the magnificent No. 1 Railway Bridge in the world and a huge crevice on the earth which is known for its grandness, bizarreness, danger, elegance, serenity and tranquility. There are some other places of interest worthy of mentioning. For instance, the romantic Pearl Rosy Clouds Waterfall is made up of many rainbows that appears on sunny day from 11 am to 5 pm. The terrace field on the cliff, the fantastic caves, thousands years old ancient trees and vines, the small villages near the heavenly pit, the bridge that the Red Army passed on the Long March in the 1930s, among others, are also very unforgettable.

From the Qingshui River Railway Bridge to Maling Bridge the Qingshui River ecological white water surfing covers 26 kilometers and can be finished in three hours. The whole surfing course is noted for its clear water and good ecology, the river now is the only one free from industrial pollution in this region. There are 30 sands, 16 bays, 18 deep pools and 3 natural corridor swimming lake in the scenic zone. Two special attractions are called Long Corridor on the Water and Green Palace. Viewing the gorgeous landscape along the river, the surfers can challenge the nature and themselves in the thrilling surfing.

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How to Get There?
There is a shuttle public bus from Xinyi to Maling River, two Yuan per person. If one takes a taxi, the fare is about 15 to 20 Yuan.

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Opening Hours:
All day

More Tips:
1. The Maling River Valley boasts five astonishing attractions: the No. 1 railway bridge in the world, the most beautiful villages in the heavenly pit, the most fantastic crack on the earth, the smallest terrace field on the cliff and the cleanest seven color waterfall, 2. White water surfing is the highlight of the Maling River Valley tour; the optimal season for the surfing is the time period from May until October. 3. Children below the age of 12 are not allowed to surf in the second section of the surfing course. 4. There is a swimming pool in the zone and the entry fee is two Yuan per person. After the white water surfing, the surfer can take a shower in the bathrooms of the swimming pool which is free of charge. 5. The surfing course is divided into three sections: 1) Section I It is from Maling to the Sky Stars Arts Gallery, 13.7 kilometers in length and can be covered in two hours. The highlight of this section is sightseeing and the water is the cleanest. 138 Yuan per person, 8 Yuan insurance inclusive. 2) Section II This section starts from the Sky Stars Arts Gallery and ends in the Ferry of the Zhao Family, 22 kilometers in length and can be done in two or three hours. The highlight is for both sightseeing and exploration. Due to the possible hazard, this surfing section is not open to children younger than 12.168 Yuan per person, 8 Yuan insurance inclusive. 3) Section III It goes from the Ferry of the Zhao Family to the Ten Thousand Peaks Lake, 20 kilometers in length and can be finished in one and a half hours. This is the most exciting part of the whole surfing. But due to the pollution of some factories on the river bank, the water is not very clean. 168 Yuan per person, 8 Yuan insurance inclusive. 6. Telephone Numbers Qingshui River Scenic Spot:0859-2211488 Sky Stars Art Gallery Scenic Spot: 0859-3122666 7.Suggested Time spent in the spot: Five hours. Two hours for the major part of the attraction – the Sky Stars Art Gallery and three hours for the white water surfing on the Qingshui River. One can appreciate the beauty of the Chelang Hot Spring and the Five Color Corridor on the way to the Sky Stars Gallery.

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