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The Ten Thousand Peaks Scenic Spots

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As the name implies, this scenic zone is made up of thousands of hills and peaks. Being an important part of the Maling River Valley at the national level, it lies in the southeast of Xingyi City. A number of tourists are impressed by the magnificence of the peaks forest and praise them as a marvelous spectacle under the heaven. A case in point is the famous geographer and traveler, Mr. Xu Xiake of Ming Dynasty, over 400 years go. He used to be here for exploration and wrote: “The number of peaks in the world is countless, but only here one sees the real forest of peaks. “

The peak forest starts from the edge of the Xinyi Qibang Plateau (2,000 meters above the sea level) and the northern bank of the Ten Thousand Peaks Lake, and opens like a huge sector on the eastern bank of the Huangni River and finally stretches until Anlong and Zhenfeng. The northwest is higher than the southeast in latitude. Over 2,000 square kilometers, or 2/3 of land area of Yinyi is part of the peak forest. Based on the conformation and shape, the forest is categorized as embattle forest, sword forest, dragons group forest arhat forest and folded hat forest. Each type of peak forest has its own features, and together they form marvelous spectacle of Karst topography. .

The whole peak forest is divided as eastern forest and western forest; only the western forest in Xiawu Village is now open to tourists. In the western peak one sees a Karst formation on the highland, in the basin there stands countless gorgeous peaks. Among the imposing green peaks in the basin are small piece of rice paddies, running springs and rural villas, which is really like a Chinese brush painting. The Eight Diagram (a Taoist symbol) Rice Paddy in the stone forest reserves the high reputation it enjoys, and is a must for sightseers.

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How to Get There?
one can take the bus at the bus station at Fuming Road, two Yuan per person

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Opening Hours:
All day

More Tips:
1.In the Buyi Village here visitors can eat the known Eight Dishes of Buyi nationality – the stewed pig fee with golden bean rice, braised bouilli with bean curd, braised pork skin, crisp pork noodle, braised pork chop with radish, vegetarian bean curd and five colors sticky rice. In addition to these delicious local cuisines, one can also enjoy the ancient Buyi music – Singing the Eight Music While Sitting and drink the Buyi rice wine- Budang. 2.Suggested Time spent in the spot: two hours

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