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The Zhenfeng Sancha lake

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As a charming tourist destination the Sancha River Lake is marked by its green peaks, transparent clear water, lush trees, bizarre rocks, poetic isles and beautiful reflections. The beauty of the lake is never complete without the isles and rocks on the lake. On the small Lotus Flower Isle in the middle of the lake, there are stone stairs, gates, caves, stone lions, bulls and horses as well as stone table, chairs and stools. On the fringe of the isle there grow many green willow and orange maples. And the grassland under the tree is a good place where the tourist can have a rest after boating. 

The lake has different charms and landscapes in the four seasons. There are also many attractions around the lake. On the eastern bank is the famous Tiger grotto, which house the stone inscription of the Chinese character “虎” or “tiger” written by the leader of the Miao uprising- general Yang Shusen. Aside from Mr. Yang’s “虎”, the calligraphy of the Chinese character “虎” by 66 important calligraphers from both inside and outside Guizhou are also engraved in the grotto. In China 6 is a lucky number because its pronunciation is similar to “shun” or all right. The 66 character of “虎” are written in varied sizes, ways and styles, which represents that everything will be smooth and all right. On the southern bank of the lake there are a lot of ancient tombs of Han Dynasty, which is of high value for the research into the living habits and customs of the local ethnic groups. Boat riders can debark on the western bank and pay a visit to the Miao villages there. Normally the hospitable Miao villager will invite you for tea or wine. On the northern bank of the lake there are the Shancha River Brewery and the fishing farm of the local aquatic power administration. Therefore gourmets can taste the sweet fresh fish soup and local rice wine here. To fascinate more tourists, some modern hotels have been built near the lake and now tourists can stay near the lake overnight.

The Legend of the Three Bizarre Rocks in Zhenfeng

The three bizarre rocks in the northeast of Zhenfeng County are called Mingqiu Rock, Snake Rock and Toad Rock. The Toad Rock stands in the front, which looks like a big toad in the position of jumping out. The Snake Rock hides about 200 meters behind as if the stone snake is ready to attack the toad. As a matter of fact the stone snake is also in danger because a hunter, the 13 meters tall Mingqiu Rock shaped like a man, is coming at the snake. An interesting legend tells the story of these three rocks. In the prehistory time, in this remote barren land people suffered from the flooding of poisonous toads. To help the people out of the disaster, the Jade Emperor in the Heaven sent some fairies down to the earth to eliminate the toads. The fairy descended to the earth with a snake. But there are too many toads to kill and the fairy could not fulfill the mission within the deadline set by the Jade Emperor. In the end they all became rock and stayed here for ever.

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1.The Sancha River Lake is a connecting point of the western and eastern tourist routes in Guizhou. After touring the world known Huangguoshu Waterfall, one drives 80 kilometers to arrive at the lake scenic zone. On the next day, one can visit the Maling River Valley and after the exploration in the fantastic valley, one may go and see the notable Lunan Stone Forest. The aforementioned tourist route is the most recommendable one. 2.Suggested time spent on the spot: two hours

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