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Zhenfeng Two Breasts Peak

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The Two Breasts Peaks, 40 hectares in land area, 1,265.8 meters at latitude and 261.8 meters from the ground, is like a pair of gigantic round and full female breasts, viewed from afar. Standing on a piece of fertile soil the peaks are surrounded by the Sancha River which irrigates the neighborhood and is respected as the mother river for the locals. More extraordinarily the peaks resemble the breasts of women at different ages if they are observed from different angles and distance. For instance seen from the Observing the Peaks Pavilion at the southeast of the Sancha Lake, the two peaks are round and upright just as the tight and robust breasts of a adolescent young girl. On the sunny days the peaks look more enchanting behind the floating white clouds and rosy clouds. On the foggy days the peaks are like the sexy full breasts hidden behind the thin female underwear. Down the highway for about half a kilometer and looking back, one sees that breasts have changed to those of a mature mid-age woman’s: sexy and inviting. If one goes around to the other side of the peaks, he or she will see the breasts of an elderly lady: slack and not full and tight any more. The Two Breasts Peaks are so lifelike that some female tourists are too shy to look at them in the crowds. They leave the crowd and hide in the bushes, amazed at the wonder of the nature.

The Buyi villagers in the neighborhood all view the peaks as the mother earth and the origin of life. On important days they may gather at the foot of peaks and offer sacrifice to the “holy breasts” for healthy children, prosperity and safety. In recent years many tourists also join the locals to devoutly worship the peaks.

Legend of the Two Breasts Peaks

According to a legend, Pangu was so excited shortly after he had created the whole world that he asked the dragon king of Xinyi to drink wine together. The dragon king drank too much and forgot to rain, as a result many rivers stopped flowing, fertile soil dried and cracked and creatures were dying. One day Queen Mother of the West passed here and saw the worsening situation. The kind Godess returned to the heaven and aksed the seven fairies: “Due to lack of rain, Xinyi is becoming desolate and all the creatures are dying. Do any of you wish to go down there and save them? If you go, you can use your milk to irrigate the field and everything will turn green again soon. The youngest fairy first replied:” Your Majesty, the other six fairies are all older than me. I am the youngest and most robust, so please send me for this great mission.” The other fairies were equally kind hearted and ready to help. They gave various sufficient reasons for sending them for the job. Happy at the situation, the Queen Mother smiled and said:” Thank you very much for your kindness, my girls. But if you all go to the earth who will stay and accompany me here in the Heaven?” Since sister No.7 is the youngest and the first to stand out, let her go.” So she came down to Xinyi and used her sweet milk to refill the rivers, lakes and everyone was saved. After fulfilling this holy mission, she did not go back to the Heaven but stayed with the people on the pretty bank of the Sancha River. Later she died and was buried near the river. On the second day after the funeral, two breasts grew out of the tomb and the sweet milk came out constantly. These are the Two Breasts Peaks that we see here today. Near the “nipple” on the top of the peak there is a spring and the clean spring water goes out ever day. It seems that the legend is telling a true story.

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Any bus or car from Guiyang to Zhenfeng. One may also rent a taxi in the town of Zhenfeng

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Suggested time spent on the spot: three hours

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