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Moyu Noodle

Moyu, a sort of taro, can cure obesity, astriction, diabetes and high cholesterol level etc. The Moyu Noodle of Qianxinan was a prize winner in the China’s National Star and Fire Scientific Food Expo.

Sliver Ornaments

Not like brocade, most of the silver ornaments are made by men in the minority ethnic groups in southwest China. Many of the working procedures have been inherited and developed for generations. Typical patterns and designs on such ornaments are human images, birds, beasts and flowers, many of which are of high artistic value and fantastic imagination. The silver ornaments serve for many purposes and therefore vary in shape, size and weight. Some big ornament, such as a solid bracelet or neck

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Yuping Flute

Flutes are made widely in China and those made in Yuping Dong Autonomous County of Guizhou province is the most well-known. The local bamboo used for manufacturing flutes is distinctive. Such bamboo grows among the rocks and brook water where is not exposed to sunlight, therefore its pipe is slim and strong. The manufacturing process is very strict and complex. Each flute, from choosing material to finished product, should go through four work flows and 72 working procedures. The most crucial

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Brocade Of Dong Nationality

The brocades of Dong nationally are divided as plain brocade and colorful brocade. As their names imply, plain brocades have white background and black design while the colorful brocade is like a watercolor on which a wide range of colors and strikes are applied. The most frequently used cotton threads for the colorful brocade are red, green, yellow, purple and blue. Most of the designs are various flowers, butterflies, birds, beasts and suchlike. Dong women are born specialist in brocade, the

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Buyi Wax Dying

The one thousand years old Buyi wax dying is known for its unique pattern, ancient simplicity and strong national features. Buyi girls start learning wax dying at the age of 11 or 12, and their great works are highly appreciated both home and abroad.

Black Sticky Rice

This unique rice is abundant in a large variety of important microelements that the human body needs. It also has some surprising healing power for giddiness of women in pregnancy.

Cane Sugar

Sugar canes grow well in the reaches of the Nanpan River thanks to the favorable local climate and soil. The local farmers have used the sugar canes for cane sugar manufacturing for long. In Qing Dynasty, the top quality cane sugar was the tribute sent annually to Emperor in Beijing and called “Fu Sugar” or “sugar for the government”. The brown and clear sugar is sold well as far as Henan, Sichuan and Yunnan.

Tong Grass Painting Screen

The Tong grass grows wild along the bank of the Napan River. Owing to its purely white color and light texture, the local craftsmen used the grass to manufacture artificial flower in Qing dynasty. In recent year, the tong grass has become materials for screen on which landscape, birds, flowers and beasts and suchlike are painted. Such elegant screen is normally framed and put in the sitting room as decoration.

Palm Fiber Ware

Anlong boasts abundant palm trees; therefore the locals have a long tradition of utilizing the palm tree fibers. The strong fibers are ideal materials for robe, brush, sofa mat, bed mat among others. Such durable products of natural materials are increasingly welcome in the market recently.

Xinqiao Tea

The Xinqiao tea is noted for its big tea sprout, bright color, and tender fragrance, which has been popular in the market for many decades.

Zhiyou Wood Ware

The Zhiyou wood, coming from the Jin forest at the bank of the Nanpan River, is very hard, heavy, delicate in grain and bronze in color. Such high quality wood is often used to produce abacus, which has becomes good souvenir today.

Zhua Pie (pie Held By Hand)

Being a unique delicacy for banquet in Anlong, the pie is known for superior material and complex making procedure. Shaped like a plate and as thin as paper, the pie is served with many dozens of other dishes; therefore it can easily please diners of different tastes. This pie was a favorite of the men of letters in the past. They discussed and exchanged poems and songs while eating the pie and drinking wine.


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