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Luxun Park

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Built in 1929, Lu Xun Park gained its name in 1950 for commemorating Lu Xun, a famous Chinese writer during the May Fourth Movement. Located in Qinyu Road, Lu Xun Park is considered as the unique seaside park in Qingdao with Little Qingdao Island in the west, the No.1 Bathing Beach in the east, Xiaoyushan Hill Park in the north and Huiquan Bay in the south. It stretches east and west about one kilometer along the coast. In the park there is a 3-meter-high sculpture of Lu Xun and many scenic spots referring to the life and works of Lu Xun. The unique red reef, various kinds of shells, green pins is feast for tourists. Though it is not a big park, Lu Xun Park is a symbol of Qingdao tourism. Many tourism products of Qingdao use the image of Lu Xun Park as their labels.

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No.1 Qinyu Road

How to Get There?

Take bus No. 6, No.26, No.223 and get off at Luxun Park bus stop.

Ticket Price:

RMB 5 for adults and free for children within 1.1meter

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