Xiaoyushan Hill Park

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Rising straight up by the seashore of the Huiquan Bay, XiaoYuShan Hill Park, built and opened to the public in 1984, is the first hilltop sight of the Chinese ancient traditional style in Qingdao, which adds to the glamour of the Huiquan Bay. No visitor coming to the Huiquan Bay fails to be attracted by the XiaoYushan Hill Park, characterized with distinctive pavilions, corridors and abundant flowers and trees. A three-storey octagon pavilion stands 18 meters high on the top of the Xiao Yushan Hill, famous as Lanchao Pavilion (Tide Viewing Pavilion) with a stele inscribed by a celebrated calligrapher Wu Zuoren. Ascending to the top of the Lanchaoge, visitors could enjoy the panoramic scenery of Qingdao. East of it there is Yongcui Pavilion (Green Groue Embedded Pavilion), and its west lies the Bibo Pavilion (Pavilion for Viewing Blue Ripples), both of them being the pavilions with projecting eaves covered by green tiles. There are two large-sized murals constructed from white marble located in the gallery in the east , named respectively as Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea and The Strange Tales Written by Pu Songling. Charming, brilliant and vivid, they are hailed by visitors. The emblem of the Xiaoyushan hill is the Chinese pictograph of the Chinese character “Yu” which means fish, inlaid in the eastern part of the wall.

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24 FuShan Zhi Lu

How to Get There?

By bus No.6, No.15, No.26, No.31, No.202, and No.206

Ticket Price:

RMB 15

Opening Hours:

07:15 - 18:15

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