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The Dongzhi Terraced Rice Field

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Dongzhi Terraced Rice Field is the largest one in Qingyang as well as in the whole loess plateau. Dongzhi Terraced Rice Field is never a range of mountains with floating yellow sands, but little vegetation as commonly assumed of. Quite on the contrary, it is a luxuriant green open terraced field.

On this terrace there is also the famous cave dwellings tourism. As a local poem goes, "though there are no grand buildings in my home to receive the distinguished guests from far away, but we are ready to offer them these cave dwellings, which are cool in summer and warm in winter". This is actually the best description of the Qingyang cave dwellings. Nowadays, the caves are no longer serving the major task as residence for people, rather there are standing there just to signify the origin and the strenuous struggles of Qingyang people as well as the splendid civilization they have created in history.

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How to Get There?
Starting from the ancient capital, the visitor can drive a car northward and turn into the Fengtian Road that runs parallel with Qinzhi Road at the Fengxiang Crossing of the No. 312 national road. In half an hour, the visitor will have entered the Jing River Basin and be facing a range of mountain stretching from the east to the west. Then he needs to drive up the mountain along the road ahead, the terraced field is just before him when he reaches the top.

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1.Recommended visiting time:One hour 2.Accommodation For a rewarding journey to Qingyang, it is absolutely necessary to stay and experience in the cave dwellings. There are many cave dwellings museums and hotels which exhibits not only the local customs, the simple living style but also a taste of modernization. The guests would inevitably feel refreshing. 3.Food The Dongzhi Terrace area is the economic and cultural center of Qingyang, where all kinds of special snacks are available to cater for the tastes of the visitors.

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