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The Xinglong Mountain

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/4

Xinglong Mount is a mysterious land. The landscape is unique surrounded by flat lands, terraced fields, valleys, tableland and ridges. There are two main ridges winding with great force, and there are two peaks, namely the east peak Quixing Terraced Rice Field and the west peak Yuhuang Mount.

The climate here is refreshing and cool with vast expanse of green plants, making the scenic spot an inevitably rewarding trip.

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How to Get There?
It is suggested that the visitors coming from Lanzhou go to the downtown of Qingyang by bus or plane, and there are buses leading directly to the scenic spot.

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More Tips:
1.Recommended visiting time:2 hours 2.Accommodation This place enjoys fresh air, so the visitors are suggested to choose those farm inns not so close to the scenic spots to accommodate so that they can enjoy their leisure time taking a walk along the country lane just for relaxation. 3.Food In this place the visitors are accessed to the genuine lamb meat which are exquisitely served. 4.Shopping In the local department stores the frozen genuine lamb meat is available for visitors to bring back at the end of the tour.

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