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Xiajiagou Forest Park

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/20

There are as many as more than one thousand breeds of trees in the park, among which the 1000-year-old Shuttle Jujube is the oldest in China. There are also more than 150 species of animals, 6 of which are National Precious Animals. The flowers and plants are also sparkling. There is the world precious plant peony with purple spots. Besides, visitors can also enjoy the most natural environment constituted by odd mountains, astonishing stones and huge valleys and rivers. There are also lots of places of historical interests.

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How to Get There?
External Traffic It is suggested that the visitors coming from Lanzhou go to the downtown of Qingyang by bus or plane, and then take a bus in Xifeng Bus Station to Heshui County, and then walk to the scenic spot for the destination is just close to the terminal. Internal Traffic There are cable cars going back and forth in the scenic spot

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More Tips:
1.Recommended visiting time:Two and a half hours 2.Accommodation This place enjoys fresh air, so the visitors are suggested to choose those farm inns not so close to the scenic spots to accommodate so that they can enjoy their leisure time taking a walk along the country lane just for relaxation. 3.Food The noodles & flour-foods are very famous and can be the first choice. There are lots of varieties, all of which are not so expensive but delicious. Generally 5 yuan is enough for a sound meal.

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