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Feilaixia Valley

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Feilaixia Valley is also named Zhongsuxia Valley and Qingyuanxia Valley. It is located in section of Beijiang River in the east of Qingyuan City. It is named from the ancient temple-Feilai Temple which is on the northern bank of the valley. Su Shi wrote a poem which is: sky is widening in Qingyuanxia Valley. The valley is from Pajiang River estuary by the east to Baimianyu by the west. The whole distance is 9 Kilometers. The deepest place is 36 meters. And the water here is dark blue and green. The two sides are surrounded by green apices and forest. There are famous Guiyuan Cave, Heguang Cave, Woxian Cave, Ningbi Gulf, Baipao Pool and Jinsuo Pool in the valley. On the both sides, there are 72 apices standing facing each other such as Zuigao Apex, Er’gao Apex, Longnv Apex, Fenghuang Apex, Xianren Apex and so on. And among them, there are Feilai Temple, Feixiadongxianguan, Cangxiatongxianguan and Jinxiachanyuan, all of which were built in 520 AD.

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How to Get There?
From Guangzhou to Qingcheng Distract, you can take a regular bus at provincial bus station of Guangzhou, city bus station and Luochongwei Bus Station in Huangshi West Road of Guangzhou. From early morning 6:30 to 7:30pm, there are fixed regular buses. And the price of them is from 15 Yuan to 25 Yuan, and it will take you about 1.5 hours. Besides, there are middle-scale buses with air condition from Qingcheng District to Feilaixia Scenic Spot. It will take you 8Yuan and 1.5 hours to the scenic spot.

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The gathering places of restaurants and stalls are along Yanjiang Road, the back street of Xiakuo, Beimen Street, Meiwei Avenue, Songhe Street, and Xianfeng Eastern Road. The price of repast is a similar to Guangzhou. If you go to Feixia Scenic Spot, please taste Nibi Shrimp which is the specialty of Feixia Ningbiwan Bay. The taste of Ningbi Shrimp is fresh and sweet. The lodging in Qingcheng City is a little cheaper than that of Guangzhou. The price of top-grade guesthouse is from 300 Yuan to 1000 Yuan. And the price of middle-grade restaurant and rest house is from 50 Yuan to 200 Yuan.

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