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Lianzhou Underground River

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/7

Lianzhou Underground River Scenic Spot covers 53.000 square kilometers. Going along the zigzag and undulating path on the first layer, one could see various configurations of stalactites: Milei Buddha, Guangong, Mengjiangnv, and other lifelike animals as well as vivid characters in the legends.  Layer upon layer stalactite is like terraced fields winding in the two banks of Xianrenhe River with beautiful and zigzag shape. The landscape is very similar to Huanglong (yellow dragon) in Sichuan Province).

Then walk down the lower layer, you can see an underground river endlessly extending to the cave. If you go ahead by boat along the dark river, you can see the zigzagging riverway widening one moment, narrowing the next. The narrowest place is just 1.6 meters, and you can touch the stalactite if you raise your hands. On the way, you will pass through Xiangjiao Valley, Lianhua Valley and Longmen Valley, and appreciate the various configurations of stalactites on both sides. Some is like waterfall hanging up in the sky; some is like lush and green mountain forest; some is like flyer and beats. The whole journey is last for 1.500 meters and through four peaks.

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Firstly you can go to Dongpo Township by bus from Lianzhou which takes you half an hour, and then you can go to Underground River by Sanjiaoji (a kind of traffic tool) here.

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