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Nanshan Mountain

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Nanshan has strategic topography and beautiful scene. It is made up of 18 apices which are in different sizes and picturesque disorder. Nanshan scenic area, together with the Nine-storied Wenfeng Pagoda on the opposite side of the river, is priced as one of eight famous scenic areas.

In the scenic spot, the main spots are distributed over Dongling which is along the side of Beijiang. At the foot of mountain, there are Powong Hall and Duyi Pavilion. There are abundant carved stones including more than 70 ones from Tang Dynasty to Qing Dynasty. The epigraphs of Su Dongpo and Mifu are the most precious among them and they were ranked cultural relics under province protection. The mountains are sheer and unbelievably beautiful. Going along the zigzag path, cliffs on the left are as steep as it is cut straight through by a knife. Underneath is a dangerous shoal which is called “Nanshan Pool”. On the right, they are odd stones. On the way, you can also see Zhongleting Pavilion and Feixialing. Besides, there is a two-layer summerhouse which is named Xunfengting Pavilion on the mountain peak alone the river. It was said that Sun played Wang’e music and sung Xunfen poem here. There is a path to the main peak-Mingxuanfeng Apex with steep slope, so when you visit there, you’d better find a guide to accompany. On the Mingxuanfeng apex, you can overlook Yingzhou land. The local people like to climb it on 9th September, they can not only enjoy the beautiful scene but also receive the blessing of the mountain –may your age be as the Nanshan mountain.

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At the bus station, there are buses to Nanshan.

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