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Qingyuan Travel Guide

Last updated by fabiowzgogo at 2015/11/8

Qingyuan Overview

Qingyuan City is lying in the subtropical zone. The unique topography and physiognomy form abundant tourism resources. There are kinds of high mountains such as Shikengshan Mountain, Dawo Mountain, Daluo Mountain, and Yuntai Mountain and so on. Besides, there are also great rivers such as Beijiang River, Lianjiang River, Wojing River, and Bingjiang River and so on. They cross with each other and give birth to brilliant high mountains, gorges, streams, lakes, virgin forest, grottoes, springs, simple and unsophisticated folks and customs of Yao and Zhuang. These natural ecologic tourism resources offer rare space with high taste for the modern people who eagerly desire to regress to the nature.

In Qingyuan, tourists with different purposes can realize their dreams. If you want to visit ancient places, you can go to Feixia and Lianzhou. You can see Feilai Temple which is one of the three ancient temples in Lingnan Range (the area covering Guangdong and Guangxi). You can appreciate the 19th and 49th holy places among 72 holy Taoism places. There are numerous cultural relics and historic sites. It is usually praised that there are thousands of scenic spots hidden in Feilai Gorge and there are numerous poems singing the praised of the mountains. If you want to appreciate the natural scene, you can go to Yingxi Corridor of Stone peaks, Baojinggong, Yangshanshikeng Gorge, Huangchuan Three Gorges and Lianzhou Underground River. There are as beautiful as Guilin and as elegant as Wuling. If you want to appreciate the customs of minority, you can go to Liannan and Lianshan. There is a handsome A’gui (a man) and a beautiful Shaoyaomei (a girl) who will give you special coquette. A hot and forceful song will let you forget the time to leave. If you want to enjoy your holiday and have a good rest, you can go to Qingxin Hot Mineral Spring, Grass Skiing Hillsides, Huangpu Lake Holiday Resort, and Lion Lake Golf Course. You can spend a very comfortable time and have a good memory. 

City Code: 0763

Post Code: 511500

Acreage: 19.000 Square Kilometers
Population: 3.870.000

Administrative District: Under its jurisdiction, there are two cities, five counties and one district. The two cites are Yingde City and Lianzhou City. The five counties are Qingxin County, Yangshan County, Liannan Autonomous County of Xiao Nationality, Lianshan Autonomous County of Zhuang Nationality, and Fogang County. The one district is Qingcheng District.

Scenic Spots: Yingxi Corridor of Stone Peaks, Lianzhou Underground River, Qingxin Hot Mineral Spring and Daxushan Fall Groups.