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Emerald Island

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Emerald Island is located on the south border of the Gold Coast in Changli County, and is one of the seven conservation area of that kind in China. This is an island formed by sand and green vegetation with an total area of 7 square kilometers.The sand hills stretch out one by one with the highest part reaching 44 meters, displaying an elegant and graceful view. It is sometimes called "The Desert of Eastern Beijing". The island is also a sanctuary for birds, and you can find more than 68 kinds which are under national protection. You can also find many medicinal herbs on the island. Apart from the natural scenery, visitors can also find many other activities, such as playing volleyball on the sand, swimming and fishing.

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It is located on the south border of the Gold Coast, 50 kilometes away from city proper of Qinghuangdao.

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RMB 35

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