Funing Nandaihe International Entertainment center

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General Information

There are many tourist attractions to choose from if you’re up for a worthwhile adventure. We always seek for places where we can truly enjoy ourselves and have fun. Beautiful surroundings, refreshing environment, cool colors, accommodating people; you can expect all of these when you pay a visit to Funing Nandaihe International Entertainment Center located in Qinhuangdao, China.

You can expect a lot of interesting experience at Funing Nandaihe International Entertainment Center. This place is a package of everything. There are lots of things to experience here. This entertainment center consists of many units. It has amusement parks, a little island, and a hotel—Nandaihe Hotel. The center for entertainment is based at the Ocean Amusement Park. This is huge, with lots to see and there are 30 attractions.

The Nandaihe Entertainment Center has a warm setting with natural views of beautiful landscape and the sea. The Center also highlights other wonderful attractions like flower lakes, the West Palace, and the lotus garden, all of which are magnificent areas inside the center.

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The center is a big place to cover all in one go. In the middle of your visit, you might feel tired or get hungry after walking for a long time, or joining in activities. They know what you’ll need, that’s why there are restaurants and mini shops where you can stop by to eat.

Moreover, as a traveler, you will want to bring home some souvenirs from Nandaihe Center. No one would ever want to go home without having any keepsake to remind them of their trip. You can go shopping inside the Center. You can find shirts, fans, tokens, umbrellas, hats, and many more. You can also find local products or creations that define the Chinese culture.

Since you are already inside the Center, you can opt to stay in the suites and lodging rooms for the night instead of staying in a hotel outside of the Center. The rooms inside the center are complete with all the lodging facilities needed. Sometimes, room rates can be high, but it will still vary according to its peak season. But, as previously mentioned, you can choose to stay in hotels outside the center for cheaper room rates.

For the games and other attractions, admission tickets will vary in price. Attractions like bumper cars, grass sliding, sightseeing cable cars, and others will have different admission prices. For the amusement park, admission ticket will be 32 Yuan. A trip to the West Palace will cost 15 Yuan, and a fun experience in the Fairy Shell Island will cost 32 Yuan as well. Inside the center, there will be mini trains, boats or cars so you won’t get exhausted from walking.

The best time of the year to travel to Nandaihe International Center will be somewhere between July and August. During this time, there will be a lotus exhibition. You’d better not miss it, so you should think of scheduling your visit during these days of the year.

If you want to visit Funing Nandaihe International Entertainment Center, China Travel can tailor-make a tour including Funing Nandaihe International Entertainment Center , which can save your time, money, and trouble. Please feel free to tell us your tour ideas!

Solo Adventure Tips:


Center of the Gold Coast

How to Get There?

Take a taxi from Qinhuangdao or Bedaihe. You can also take bus no. 34 or 6 that goes to the Terminal Stop. From here change to bus no. 22, which will take you to “Journey to the West Palace”. Now take a mini bus to Funing Nandaihe International Entertainment Center.

Ticket Price:

The admission fee varies according to the point of interest - 32 Yuan for Amusement Park, 15 Yuan for West Palace, and 32 Yuan for Fairy Shell Island.

Opening Hours:
8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

More Tips:

Take the transportation within the center to avoid getting tired, as it is spread in a large area. Buy souvenirs from the shops present within the center as they have marked price tags.

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