Gold Coast

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Without a sea-coast can a country's beauty fulfill? I don't think so. China is a very big country of the world. So, it has a splendid sea area which is also playing a very vital role in the country's most visible area. The Gold coast is such a treasure of China which is immeasurable. The Gold coast relates a length of 52.1 km in the total coast lines.  
Gold Coast is a heavenly place for the visitors who visit China. The coast is featured by soft beach, silver sand and obviously with clear water with gentle tides. If you are a lover of sea beach you won't have to miss Gold Coast. The Gold Coast is really a golden one as it is the perfect place for sun bathing, sand bathing, sea bathing, air bathing and forest bathing. Now, the decision is to you whether you want to miss it or not. 
There is hardly very few people will be found who don't love sea beaches. Gold coast is a beloved one for the tourist which is really special with its silver sand. If you visit it once you will feel that Gold coast is beckoning you through your sub conscious mind. 
The way to go to the Gold Coast is very easy. You should take bus from Funing town which are available in very 20 minutes to Changli only a tiny cost of 4.5 Yuan. What do you think? Isn't it too less to visit a great sea beach? You can also take car from Jinshen highway to Fuchanghung road to go to the Gold Coast. 
The Gold coast ticket is also very reasonable for you as it just a cost of 30 Yuan. I think, every beach lover will try to have this opportunity of visiting a sea-coast like the Gold Coast. The Gold coast is opened for you since 8.00-16.00. Don't try to visit Gold Coast at the time of rough weather as it is not permitted. 
The features of the Gold Coast will really attract you for visiting it. You should know first that the Gold Coast is favored for its silver sand. The visitors mostly prefer sand sliding here. The amazing sand sliding is so excited that nobody wants to miss it. To do that first you have to take the rope way cable car to reach at the top of the mountain of sand. At the time of getting top you will be able to enjoy the heart bearing scenery of rows of sand hills which are stretching distantly. 
After climbing to the top the real adventure starts. By sitting on a special sliding board made of bamboo or wood, you will start sliding like a shot from the top of uprising sand hills. At the time of sliding you will slide tens of metes forward by the effect of inertia. You may feel novel and stimulating but you don't have to be anxious as nothing can make you unsafe, you are independent here to take a double way chance to sea sliding at the same time of sand sliding. Think how will you feel at the time of sea diving?
You may think only sea and sand sliding, nothing else. Don't be disappointed. There are many other amusement options are available here. You will find tourist helicopter, parachutes, fire balloons and least but not the last sea yachts. I think you won't mind if you are not allowed to swim in the shallow sea as it is prohibited. But you will be able to fly in the high sky which is more exciting and interesting. 
Gold Coast of China is an alternate name of amusement. I think, you wont' want to miss it. 

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It lies on the coast of Bo River, southeast of Changli County in Hebei province.

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You can take middle buses at Beidaihe Haibin bus station, or take No.5, No.22 bus at Beidaihe railway station to the 281 hospital stop and change to middle buses.

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whole day.

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