Jiaoshan Great Wall

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If world people are asked to name one important place in China, the great wall will surely come first. Actually it will not be an extravagance if China is called the country of Great wall. Jiaoshan Great Wall is another wonder of China which you shouldn't miss. This ancient famous establishment is a great part of Shanhaiguan. 

Jiaoshan Great Wall is situated almost 3km away from Shanhaiguan ancient city. The name has been originated from Hiaoshan Mountain which is considered the highest peak to the northern side of Shanhaiguan Pass. To the Chinese the mountain is considered as "The first mountain of the Great Wall". 

Ticket and Transportation: 

As costing is always a vital fact for the visitor, China is a great place in this case. The costing of tickets is also very affordable here. The costing is presented below to support your decision to visit Jiaoshan Great Wall.
30 Yuan for Jiaoshan Mountain round trip rope along with mountain scenic area90 Yuan to visit mountain area, Changshou Mountain, Jiaoshan and Changshou Mountain and Great wall, round trip of the two mountain scenic area, round trip by bus in the Changshou Mountain. 
Rope way between Changshou Mountain and Jiaoshan Mountain costing 30 Yuan single and 50 Yuan for round trip.
If you want to go to the Jiaoshan Great Wall easily you just take on bus no: 25 or 33  from Qinhuangdo city at Sidaoqiao Bus Station. Then get off at Shanhaiguan Nanmen which is actually the south gate of Shanhaiguan Pass. If you are  fond of hiking you should start immediately to the northward either you may take minibus available for the visitor. 
Position and site of the Jiaoshan Great Wall is to take in concern for a great visit. This great wall was built under the domination of Emperor Zhu yuanzhang during the ming Dynasty. Actually Jiaoshan Great Wall was constructed as a boundary bwtwen Liaodong prefecture (present Shanhaiguan pass and Yalu River) and Jizhen Prefecture (Present Juyongguan pass and Shanhaiguan pass). 5 important fighting stations and watch towers are situated in it. Presently Jiaoshan Great Wall has been turned to a beautiful tourist spot combining mountains, Great wall, Shanhaiguan city and great looking temples. 
The features, I can assure you will really enchant you to pay a dive into the real beauty of the mountain and the great wall. If you plan to visit great Jiaoshan Wall, you have to climb over a wall from no. 3 watch tower of the station which is repaired. Though the wall is repaired but the wall will remind you the ancient time of China. If you cherish to walk on the wall you have to be an expert otherwise it might be risky. If you march ahead on the wall you will find more crumbled spots on the wall. There are some sections where the wall is built on one side and the other side is deep cliffs. It is really amazing that some of the sections are built in such a way that the mountain becomes the part of the wall which is called "Mountain supported wall".  You should always follow your steps in that zone. From this zone on the southeast you will find the highest watch tower standing lonely centuries after centuries. If you stand alone on the highest peak of the wall, you may feel an eternal loneliness. 
The best time to  the zone of the Great wall a bit late in the morning. You should take necessary equipment to climb on the mountain. Please never neglect your steps, as it may be dangerous for you. 

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