Jiaoshan Mountain

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If you have an intention to visit the world in short, it is China that can meet up your wish. China is geographically, culturally, naturally, historically so important that she is just a compact package for the visitors. If you have travel the country whole round the year then it will not finish. 
Among thousands of important places for visiting in China Jiaoshan Mountain is one. Jiaoshan Mountain is situated in the northeast downtown 4.5 km away from the city but most people find it in the Yangtze River. The area is mostly popular for its natural and cultural scenic beauty. Have you heard about Fuyu Mountain? If not, now remember it is nothing but Jiaoshan Mountain.
Another important attractive issue is that Jiaoshan Mountain is surrounded by the Yangtze River. You will be surprised to know that there is another name of Jiaoshan Mountain is Qiaoshan Mountain which bears meaning the mountain where woodcutter lived on cutting firewood. According to myth Jiaoshan Mountain is renamed by Emperor Song Zhenzong to commemorate the retreating man of East Han Dynasty. 
The person who wants to visit Jiaoshan Mountain is really lucky that the ticket price for entering the site is very low and affordable. It is only 35 Yuan which includes one way rope way. Isn't it amazing? I think you will agree with me that it is really an awesome opportunity to visit a great place by paying very less. The opening hours is also amazing as it is from 8.00 to 17.00.
If a question raise in your mind whether you should visit the place or not. I will say definitely. If you visit once the Jiaoshan Mountain, you will find the justification of your money expend. You will find Qixian temple which is located in the inner side of it and it is made of ancient brick and wood structure. People of China defined it "mountain temple rain and sunshine" which presents a wonderful view of the temple. It is the common feature of the temple in the summer. You will find drizzling as well as raining in torrents but the surprising thing is that the sky clears within the shortest possible time. Jiaoshan Mountain and the temple are so close but the difference between the two is huge. 
In line with the above mentioned facts there are some other special features that will tend you to visit the place. Jiaoshan Mountain is blessed with ‘Four Treasures'. The temple which is an ancient actually built-in the Ming dynasty. The main building is made with exclusive ancient green tiles and columns are red. It seems traditional elegant monument. There are many ancient trees which are rare now a day surrounding the area. Besides, there is ancient steel inscription, ancient emplacement, cliff inscription and others are all famous here. 
If you seek traffic to visit Jiaoshan Mountain, the way is very comfortable and easy. You will get available bus from city center to Shanhaiguan to Jiaoshan costing only 7 Yuan and only need 40 to 45 minutes. 
The following tips you should follow:
1. Please pay your full attention when of climbing mountain otherwise serious situation may happen 
2. And you have to attentive at the time of raining cats and dogs
Best  time for visiting: 
Best time for visiting Jiaoshan Mountain is summer. The nature shows its profound beauty at that time. 
If you ask for suggestion from an expert, he or she will surely suggest you for that place. You will surely enjoy the visit as well as you will be entitled with many new learning and ideas. 

Solo Adventure Tips:


It stands 3 kilometers north of Shanhaiguan.

How to Get There?

You can take bus No. 33, bus No.25 in the city proper to Shanhai Pass stop, and then change to small buses to the destination.

Ticket Price:

RMB 17

Opening Hours:

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