Longevity Mountain Scenic Area

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Since the Longevity Mountain was sited as a scenic spot in 1987, it has become a comprehensive tourist scenic spot after ten years of construction with natural views as its basis and longevity as its theme. There are some methods to represent the theme of longevity in the scenic area, including the sculptures, architectures, calligraphy, and the food and drinks. For example, the three huge Chinese characters “Chang Shou Shan (meaning the longevity mountain)” engraved on the Shanmenli cliff is the work of the famous calligrapher Sun Mofo when he was at the age of 108, and the calligraphy is highly powerful and vigorous; the “Highly skilled doctor grotto” on the west King of Medicine mountain, and the cluster of stelae with the Chinese character “Shou” engraved on them. All of the above works show the exquisiteness of Chinese arts and the people’s unremitting longing for longevity in time of peace and prosperity.

The main body of the natural landscape in Longevity mountain scenic area is the Xuanyang cavity, which is composed of many scenic spots such as the lofty and towering twin pine trees, range upon range of hills, steep cliffs and flying waterfall, and the fairyland on earth---Shangri-la. In the Longevity Mountain, the cavities are deep, serene and labyrinthian, highly strange and miraculous; range upon range of ridges and peaks appear undulant with grandiose and spectacular look; the rock scenery is craggy and monstrous with thousands of postures and appearances; the river water is clear through in which schools of fish swim leisurely; and the fairyland-- Shangri-la is even more picturesque with flocks of birds singing sweet on branches and swarms of butterfly dancing joyfully among flowers.

The natural landscape and humane landscape within the Longevity Mountain Scenic Area bring out the best in each other, which reflect and enhance each other’s beauty. They are rich in meaning and interest with the blend of ancient and modern elements, and express the human beings’ dream of living a long life among the lovely and charming natural views. They also embody the broadness and profoundness of Chinese herbalist doctors and Chinese traditional medicines.

Solo Adventure Tips:


It is situated 9 kilometers northeast of Shanhaiguan.

How to Get There?

You can take bus No.25, No.33 to Shanhai Pass stop, get off and change to the middle buses bound for Longevity Mountain.

Ticket Price:

RMB 20

Opening Hours:

7:00 am to 6:00 pm.

More Tips:

1. Transportation within the scenic area: For the convenience of tourists' sightseeing, there are sightseeing small trains and special tourist cars in the scenic area. 2. Diet: During the ripe season of fruits, you can pick many wild mountain fruits such as hazelnuts, sour dates, crataegus, and Chinese goosebeery; you can also have a chance to degust the unique medical meal flavor snacks like the pineapple pie, peanut tender bean curd, and various kinds of wild mountain vegetables.

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