Old Dragon Head Great Wall

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What will you do when you think to visit a country? You may prepare a list of places to visit, may prepare a budget, may adjust your liking or disliking but list of tourist spot is a must. If you have decided to visit China, the list will remain incomplete if you not enlisted Old Dragon Head Great Wall, Qinhuangdao. 
Old Dragon Head Great Wall is the eastern starting point which was started in the Ming Dynasty. This part of the great wall is lying five kilometers of the southern side of Shanhaiguan Pass. It is named so as it extends about 20 meters into Sea Bo hai which seems a dragon is drinking water. 
This area is considered one of the most scenic spots in Shanhaiguan Pass. There are many similarities between a dragon's body and the shape of the wall. As the body of the wall bends in the shape of a dragon and stretches along the coastline, it turns ultimately a body of dragon, that's why the wall is called Old Dragon Head Great Wall. It consists of seven parts and set up as a block. The Old Dragon Head Great Wall joins the seven parts sea block city, Jinglu Planform, South Sea Exit, The Sea God Temple, Inghai City, Chenghai Pavilion and sea-shore Great wall. If you visit the Old Dragon Head Great Wall, you will be surprised at the great architectural brilliance of the ancient Chinese. This great wall also proves that how industrious the Chinese are?
Among the seven parts, Chenghai Pavilion is known as the highest point of the Great Wall Old Dragon Head. Any person who wants to see the vastness of the sea is invited here. According to the myth and history of the Chinese in Qing Dynasty, the then emperor Qianlong and Kangxi often visited this pavilion to pay tribute and to worship their ancestors. 
To go to the Old Dragon Head Great Wall you can ride on the 25 no bus and can directly reach to the spot. To reach to the spot you will just need 25yuan. The site is open from 8am to 4pm. This world heritage site is also can be visited within a very low expenditure. Will you want to miss it? I think not. 
The Great wall had changed its shape as it is not at the original position now which was at the time of building it. According to historical evidence the joining blocks were constructed by Qi Jiguang of Ming Dynasty which possessed a height of thirty feet. One of the special features is that half of the wall was under sea level which collapsed in later years. At the time visiting this Great Wall you will find only the Granite wall immersed in the sea water. Another special feature of this wall is that there are many stele will be found in the east and west walls on which you will find poems written by the emperors of Qing Dynasty and some by the important literary figures of that time. And the letters are engraved in the wooden structure. 
This wall had witnessed many war and critical situations. After 1840, the then superpowers like Britain and France had cruised in Old Dragon Head Great Wall for many times. It has also been captured in 1900 by force. In different times the dragon head has been tend to damage many times. It has been burnt down many times. And during the period of orbiting worship of the western the head had been attacked time to time. But this great wall is really a Great Wall.
It is said that the only world structure that can be identified from the moon is the Great Wall of China. From this statement, it is easily accessible that how vast it is! So, get packed for a great visit to the Old Dragon Head Great Wall.

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It lies at the coastline of Bo River which is 5 kiolmeters south of Shanhaiguan.

How to Get There?

Take the No.25 bus, and you can directly reach the site.

Ticket Price:

RMB 50

Opening Hours:

8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

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