Olympic Theme Park

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Olympic Theme Park is a gigantic structural theme park in Qinhuangdao, a co-host city that arranged Beijing Olympic Games. The park has become an internationally recognized place by dint of its vastness and as a tomb for love for Olympic Games. 
Olympic Theme Park Qinhuangdao commemorates one of the most successful greatest show on earth 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and after that it has stood still as a reminder of the outstanding achievements of the athletes during the Olympic Games of Beijing and this great theme park is still vibrant. This theme park is an  part of the ancient historically rich city Qinhungdao.
The northern border of the city of Qinhungdao is Yanshan Mountain and on the south of her is the Bohai Sea, which bears a coastline of 126km. Qinhungdao is considered as a historically rich city with ancient theme and values of Qin Dynasty. According to historical evidence quoted from the legends that the first emperor of the Dynasty of great Qin traveled east line to the coast after the united China. After the visit the emperor sent envoys on a voyage in search of the methods of immortality. However, Chinese government selected this historical beautiful place for that great Olympic Theme Park. 
The Olympic Theme Park Qinhungdao is the single theme park of that nature in China. The park covers a vast area of 15.56 hectares which has made it variable as well as enlarged it. The part is a great place combined for sightseeing, entertainment and exercise. 
The main part of The Olympic Theme Park Qinhungdao is the theme sculptures, 58 music sculptures, awesome music fountain, Olympic basso-relievo wall and the signatures of 30 Olympic gold medalists who are prominent in the country. The park is called theme park as the park is displaying vividly the historical development of Chinese Games and sports besides nourishment of the great Olympic Games. The park has become a great source of sliding options as it has included almost all sorts of sliding activities. If you or your kid is not a fan of sliding activities, don't be disappointed as the park is equipped with a great variety of ball related games suitable for all age groups. 
You shouldn't be surprised if somebody named The Olympic Theme Park Qinhungdao
As Olympic Green as it is also known by this. If you want to visit The Olympic Theme Park Qinhungdao, you will also get benefit of visiting Temple of Heaven and the Forbidden City as it is very close to its south axis. This internationally recognized heritage site bears the continuing history of centuries of China. The outside of the venue was much developed on the occasion of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The National Stadium "Bird's Nest" which was the official venue of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is still a quite spectacular one for its unique architectural style and marvelous size, and it you visit the site you will the gigantic Olympic torch from the south part of the stadium. Considering all the issues, each and evey tourist who visit China and specially Qinhungdao will surely visit The Olympic Theme Park.
If you want to have its perfect place remember it is situated at the converge of Binhai Venue and Lianfeng Road. If you take 34 no bus, your way to The Olympic Theme Park Qinhungdao will be easy and comfortable. And surely it will be reasonable for you. 
The Olympic Theme Park Qinhungdao is free from ticketing. So, you can imagine that how much fun is waiting for you there. The park is open from 7.00am to 11.00pm. So, there is huge scope for you to visit and enjoy its spectacular sculptures and marvelous sights.
If you are on the way to China, don't miss it. It will be one of the memorable experiences of your life. 

Solo Adventure Tips:

It is located at the converge of Binhai Avenue and Lianfeng Road.

How to Get There?
take the No.34 bus or by foot

Ticket Price:
free ticket

Opening Hours:
7:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m.

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