Qinhuangdao Xinao Underwater World

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Qinhuangdao Xin’ao underwater world is a large scale modern comprehensive museum jointly invested and built by China, Singapore, and Australia. It is one of the national 4A level tourist scenic area.

The underwater world gives main priority to the exhibition of ocean creatures, supplemented by science education, environment protection education, dieting and shopping, as well as entertainment and amusements. It covers a total area of 130,000 square meters, with a total water storage of more than 4,000 tons. It is mainly composed of two parts of underwater world and dolphin performance hall.

The underwater tunnel is 100 meters long, and is composed of organic glass with an angle of 270 degrees. Rambling about the underwater tunnel, you can enjoy beautiful views of the ocean creatures with myriad appearances and postures, large shoal of fish among coral clusters in various bright colors, and the wonderful and stimulating dances jointly performed by people and sharks. Those numerous ocean creatures cruise leisurely around the tourists, quite beautiful and attractive with multiple florid and bright colors.

The dolphin performance hall lies in the east part of the underwater world. The overall architecture covers an area of more than 3,000 square meters, which can hold more than 2,000 people at one time. During the tourism seasons, there will always be many colorful and interesting performances, such as the disco performed by sea lions, headstand balance, one lion playing with two balls, to catch color rings, single hand headstand, carrying a ball on the head to get through obstacles, kissing, social dance performed in water, and many other items performed by dolphins like the water ballet, playing football, bowing and leaping around the field, singing loudly to the music, etc. All of the above performances will attract much of your attention.

Besides, there are many other assistant establishments in Xin’ao underwater world, such as the performance rest room, the science exhibition hall, science education class, ocean speciality store, and viewing sea restaurant, etc.

Xin’ao underwater world lies on the seaside with attractive surrounding sea sights, so you can appreciate the charming sea sights of the Bo Hai as you are degusting the delicious dishes in the Viewing Sea restaurant.

Solo Adventure Tips:


It is situated 10 kilometers east of the historical city--Shanhaiguan and 5 kilometers west of the scenic spot--Beidai River.

How to Get There?

Take buses No. 19, No.25 in Qinhuangdao city area, and you can directly reach the underwater world.

Ticket Price:

RMB 65

Opening Hours:

9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

More Tips:

1. Food: The Viewing Sea Restaurant in Xin'ao underwater world would provide you with meal, drink and sightseeing services, so you can have a general view of the beauty of Bo Hai at the same time of tasting the local seafood. 2. Shopping: In the ocean specialty store, there are many specialty handicrafts for example, the plush toys, coral necklace, pearl shell talisman, and hawksbill combs, etc. So you can select and purchase according to your own interest

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